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Tips For Buying Vintage Toy Soldiers Online

While collecting Vintage Toy Soldiers is a lot of fun you should know how to buy these figurines with confidence from online outlets like eBay and other auction and merchant sites.

You must first know what you're intending to purchase. You should carefully read all of the details in the item listings and closely examine the pictures. Is it what you're looking for? Does the seller provide enough details for you to make an informed choice about your toy soldier purchase?

Don't be afraid to ask the seller of a Vintage Toy Soldier piece or set a question about what they're selling. A good seller should respond quickly, at least within 24 hours. Those who don't respond to your questions should be avoided. On eBay, you can use the ask the seller a question link to send your query.

Make sure that you completely understand the shipping charges. Always factor this into your final cost of the soldier or set you're buying. If the shipping charges seem out of line, ask about lowering them to a more reasonable price.

You can research the seller of Vintage Toy Soldiers by examining their eBay feedback. Some good sellers will have a few negatives due to impossible-to-please customers but you should probably avoid sellers who have consistent customer service problems. Also look for sellers that have over 100 eBay transactions under their belt. While a novice seller may have a neat toy soldier, the transaction may not flow as smoothly due to their inexperience.

Also check for a return policy. Top eBay sellers of toy soldiers and other toy collectibles generally operate like a business and will accept returns. Individuals who're part time sellers may not be as generous so make sure you read their fine print on returns. If there is any doubt, ask about it.

When you are buying from someone on eBay, always conduct your transaction through eBay. Do not accept offers to conduct business outside of eBay since you won't have as much protection if you're dealing with an individual, part time, seller. A legitimate business selling toy soliders outside of eBay would be a different matter though.

You should never, ever, use a money transfer service like Western Union to purchase merchandise over the Internet. Many people have lost their money doing this.

I recommend paying for your purchase using a credit card through PayPal. This gives you the maximum protection since this will not only allow you to dispute a problem with PayPal but through your credit card company as well. Plus, using PayPal means that the seller will not have access to your confidential financial information.

Well, those are my Tips For Buying Vintage Toy Soldiers Online. Happy buying!

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