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Marx Playsets

In the realm of plastic toy soldiers, Marx Playsets are probably the most sought after toy soldiers. An intact, near mint, Marx Playset is a rare find since the little boys who owned these sets put them to good use. Finding some of the rarer sets, even in pieces and in fair condition, can be quite a challenge.

The heyday of Marx Playsets was in the 1950's and 1960's. Just about every boy in that era would have a Marx Playset circled in the Sears Christmas Catalog. Just ask anyone who was a kid back then. They'll tell you about the Marx Daniel Boone playset they asked Santa to bring. Or maybe they'll recall the Marx medieval castle playset with a real moat that could hold water until your little brother poked a hole in it. Perhaps they'll mention the Marx Civil War playset with light blue Union soldiers and gray Confederates. They could mention the popular Marx dinosaur playsets or Marx Western playsets.

Marx Playsets consisted of action figures, usually military, and accessories like cannons and diorama elements. The attraction of these playsets were that they were easy for kids to set up. Once setup they could lead to hours of make-believe fun.

Today, these kids are adults and enjoy collecting Marx playsets in order to recapture some of those happy childhood times. You can often find these vintage Marx playsets and individual pieces on online auctions sites like eBay. There have been some modern reissues as well but for the serious collector only the originals will do.

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